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About Us

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STECH Group was established in year 2020.

Our brand has a unique and innovative online business model. It does not only defies the traditional business marketing strategy model, but also creates a new marketing model, which is called the “Diversion System”.

In line with business trends in the global market, we believe that building a “brand” will enable a continuity in entrepreneurship and business ideas.

Our ambition is to create a superior platform where more people will be able to step into the world of entrepreneurship and which synergises team strength in order to build and realize entrepreneurial dreams together!

Our Mission

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“There is no competition on our platform, only by working together to convey lots of love and warmth” – STECH GROUP

With such a belief and aim, we pay great attention to the professional and mentality of our partners, as well as the reputation of the brand’s excellent quality. The so-called strong one is not to knock you down, but to give you a hand when you need or encounter any difficulties! As the saying goes, “a man reaps what he sows”. Hard work and toil will always be rewarded. It is never about surpassing or to compete with others, but to give oneself an opportunity to grow and develop. Good things don’t come easily. Shouting slogans alone will never get things done, what we need is straight forward efforts!

At the same time, we also provide a stable and huge platform to help assist our partners in entrepreneurship, a systematic one-stop training for teams, a series of materials, strong backing to support the partners plus an unlimited supply of resources.

Our Visions

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STECH GROUP creates a superior platform for more people to rebuild their self-confidence and to start being an entrepreneur, thus realizing the dream of entrepreneurs!  We will lead our teams across Asia to become the largest healthcare brand. Our aim is for people around us to become not only healthier but more beautiful – reflecting the beauty of one’s true self and happiness!

Brand Story

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STECSY — the brand’s slogan “Nature Trim Your Fit”, naturally shaping a perfect and healthy body is no longer a dream!

“The entertainment industry is always about waiting for opportunities to knock on the door. In fact, opportunities are dependent on one’s self. I wished to find an opportunity to build a different life for myself through my own efforts. At the same time, I have always wanted to be able to challenge myself in different fields and to take the first step to change my life for the better.

*My body has always been slender but due to the process of aging, my body’s metabolism rate not only gradually slowed down but affected my body shape and physical strength to be not as good as before. I have always been very health conscious and had the inspiration to start developing natural healthy products so that people around me can enjoy a healthy life.”

Regarding choosing personally to be involved in the product development process –  “I was excited and looked forward to being involved in the product development process. The process was not easy and took a lot of hard work and efforts. After achieving this milestone of completing the whole process, I felt great satisfaction. I managed to learn a lot as well from this process. Special thanks to my team for the concerted efforts in achieving this milestone.” – STELLA CHUNG

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