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Stecsy Parent’s Day Promotion 【只要你幸福】Combo B

06/30/2021 03:59 pm

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PV 285  |  Stech Point 285 | Donation: RM38


1 Box Stecsyline  + 1 AK Zero Hair Mask + Free 3 Stecsyline Sachets + Free Stecsy Fashion Bag

Promotion Period: 23rd April 2021 – 30th June 2021

Stecsy Parent’s Day Charity Donation. Combo A purchases will contribute partly to charity. **We will update further information on Stecsy Official Facebook Page after end of promotion.


STECSYLINE is 100% natural ingredients. Our exclusive formula is developed by our team in Korea. Our products are guaranteed to give you a 100% sense of personal well-being and beauty. The products are premium quality yet affordable so you don’t have to break the bank to get access to world class personal care.

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Stecsy【 只要你幸福 】Video

Stecsy Parent’s Day Promotion 【 只要你幸福 】Combo B

AK ZERO HAIR MASK, click here for more info

Stecsy Fashion Bag (Free Gift)



STECSYLINE contains 20 sachets each box.

STECSYLINE is 100% natural ingredients. It’s not only suitable for vegans, vegetarian but also for seafood allergy sufferer.




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